PHP openssl_csr_sign OpenSSL 函数

  • 定义和用法

    openssl_csr_sign - 用另一个证书签署 CSR (或者本身) 并且生成一个证书
  • 版本支持

    PHP4 PHP5 PHP7
    支持 支持 支持
  • 语法

    openssl_csr_sign( mixed $csr , mixed $cacert , mixed $priv_key , int $days [, array $configargs [, int $serial = 0 ]] )
    openssl_csr_sign() 从给定的 CSR 生成一个x509证书资源.
    注意: 必须安装有效的 openssl.cnf 以保证此函数正确运行。
  • 参数

    参数 必需的 描述
    csr openssl_csr_new()函数生成的CSR. 也可以是由类似file://path/to/csr格式指定的指向PEM编码的CSR路径,或者是一个由openssl_csr_export()函数生成的字符串。
    cacert 生成的证书将由cacert签名。 如果cacert 为 NULL, 生成的证书将是自签名证书。
    priv_key priv_key是cacert证书对应的私钥。
    days days 指定生成的证书在几天内有效的时间长度。
    configargs 你可以通过configargs确定CSR签名。 查openssl_csr_new() 方法获取 configargs的更多相关信息。
    serial 可选的发行证书编号。如果没有指定默认值为0.
  • 返回值

    成功,返回一个 x509 证书资源,失败则返回 FALSE .
  • 示例

    // Let's assume that this script is set to receive a CSR that has
    // been pasted into a textarea from another page
    $csrdata = $_POST["CSR"];
    // We will sign the request using our own "certificate authority"
    // certificate.  You can use any certificate to sign another, but
    // the process is worthless unless the signing certificate is trusted
    // by the software/users that will deal with the newly signed certificate
    // We need our CA cert and its private key
    $cacert = "file://path/to/ca.crt";
    $privkey = array("file://path/to/ca.key", "your_ca_key_passphrase");
    $usercert = openssl_csr_sign($csrdata, $cacert, $privkey, 365, array('digest_alg'=>'sha256') );
    // Now display the generated certificate so that the user can
    // copy and paste it into their local configuration (such as a file
    // to hold the certificate for their SSL server)
    openssl_x509_export($usercert, $certout);
    echo $certout;
    // Show any errors that occurred here
    while (($e = openssl_error_string()) !== false) {
        echo $e . "\n";
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